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As our name suggests, there’s nothing old school about us. By name, we’re a catering company; by nature, we’re passionate about the environment, and (by the way), that means new-trition that doesn’t cost the earth. So whether you’re at primary, secondary school or in sixth form we plan menus in advance that are packed with health, variety, goodness, great taste and attitude.


You get the latitude to pre-order or pick whatever you’d really like to eat; food that looks worth eating, prepared with love and bursting with goodness.


That’s why – when it comes to new-trition for schools – Innovate rules!

Our Nutrition Mission


Innovate is only thirteen years old but we’ve already got a lifetime of learning behind us. In primary schools, secondary schools and sixth forms our great nutrition mission is to grow healthy kids, with passion, dedication and a whole lot of love.

All About Innovate

The proof of the pudding is in the eating… so if you’d like to see how Innovate works in practice – and what students, teachers, and staff think about us – please watch the video below.



Innovate provides great meals, drinks and snacks that promote sharp, positive and energetic minds; and healthy bodies, habits and attitudes for a lifetime. We go out of the way to make our food look great and taste as good as it should – if it doesn’t make you drool, you won’t find it at your school.



Half the fun of memorable meals is where they are eaten. We also help schools create great food-friendly spaces and places, where kids feel at home and enjoy spending time. If your canteen is boring, stop snoring and start calling for your school to talk to us about our innovative refurbishment services.