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BBC Any Questions – Live Broadcast at Altwood School

BBC Any Questions – Live Broadcast at Altwood School


Altwood school in Maidenhead was chosen as the venue for BBC’s Any Questions live radio broadcast on 1st February 2019. This prestigious evening was attended by over 200 invited guests and Innovate were requested to provide a light refreshment service for the audience and a canape reception for 30 VIP guests including BBC’s Jonathan Dimbleby.

All was going to plan until the weather intervened, causing huge disruption to the area, including school closures, inaccessible roads and a logistical nightmare!

However, our fabulous team rose to the challenge, providing a great range of homebakes, hot & cold beverages and various snack items for the cold and tired attendees!

We even managed to produce a wonderful finger buffet for the BBC staff and their VIP guests, which was met with hugely positive feedback and immense gratitude!

A difficult situation that turned into a culinary triumph!

Anecdotal feedback from Paul Milligan, our client at Altwood:

The food was superb; really first rate. The BBC and the panellist were exceedingly complimentary and incredulous that the school’s caterers had supplied such a spread. I was particularly impressed by the prawn cocktail. Who knew you could get prawn cocktail as finger food? Delicious.

The staff and Governors who were here received many compliments around the pre-show refreshments. Seems many of the audience are regulars and our organisation different to what many offer.
You may have heard Jonathan Dimbleby describe the efforts of the school as heroic and Innovate were very definitely part of those heroic efforts, overcoming the staff and access issues as you all did.

From a personal point of view, I am most grateful for the work everyone did and on behalf of the Governors and Head teacher need to say a very big thank you to you and all your team who worked so hard on Friday to ensure the show went on!

Thank you