A Cox Green Christmas Bag that took many Innovate Elves to deliver…. 

A Cox Green Christmas Bag that took many Innovate Elves to deliver…. 

2017 for us at Innovate equals 10 years of business!

A great birthday to be proud of…it all started somewhere, and that somewhere was Cox Green School.

This coming new year is our 10 year anniversary at Cox Green School, and as a surprise and thank you for all the teachers and students we decided to produce 1,200 Christmas cake bags to give to them.

Staying true to our values of always making from scratch, we took it upon ourselves to bake all the cakes that were to go in each bag.

Four cakes per bag meant 4,800 cakes!!! Now… If I approached any of you reading this and asked you to help me with this project, I can only imagine what half of you would have said to me…@%$##@%!!!! And the rest!!

Well, the lucky bunch that became the Innovate production Elves were:

Azadeh (AKA Anna) from West Herts, her lovely kitchen team, Mike and the lovely Sandy bunch.

Managing packaging and logistics were Sam, Leahnora, Liliana and Kenneth (West Herts).

There were high times, low times and when seeing me with a snapping camera and a merry face on my chops, there were also very frustrating times!

They all did a wonderful job and I cannot thank them enough.

On behalf of all the Children and Staff at Cox Green School, thank you and well done!!

The baking was fab, and the logistical challenges were managed superbly!

There will be more news and events happening in regards to our 10 year celebration so please watch this space.

Richard Corbyn