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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

From April 2018, it became a legal requirement for all businesses with more than 250 employees to report on the pay differences between men and women in their organisations.

The following brief explanation has been taken from the UK Government website:

‘The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of all men and women across a workforce. If women do more of the less well-paid jobs within an organisation than men, the gender pay gap is usually bigger.
The gender pay gap is not the same as unequal pay which is paying men and women differently for performing the same (or similar) work. Unequal pay has been unlawful since 1970.’
Read the UK Government’s ‘Gender Pay Gap Explained’ here.

A company’s Gender Pay Gap data must be published on the UK Government website, as well as on the organisations own website.  Innovatefood’s Gender Pay Gap Data can be viewed below.

Further general details about gender pay gap reporting can be found by searching ‘gender pay gap’ on the UK Government and ACAS websites.

2019 Report

2018 Report