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Impact Food Group’s Chairman, Geoff Peppiatt, features in Grant Thornton’s 2018 Faces of a Vibrant Economy

Impact Food Group’s Chairman, Geoff Peppiatt, features in Grant Thornton’s 2018 Faces of a Vibrant Economy


As part of Grant Thornton’s commitment to shaping a vibrant economy in the UK, each year the firm identifies and brings together 100 progressive leaders across private, public and third sectors that demonstrate excellence in two or more of the following areas:

GROWTH – fostering a culture of growth, job creation and leading their organisation into new markets

INNOVATION – solving problems, leaders whose products or services are disrupting the sector and challenging the status quo

PURPOSE – investing in their workforce, connecting financial profit to social purpose and contributing to the wider community


The Faces of a Vibrant Economy are selected from across the UK and represent diverse sectors and industries.  Among them are business leaders, entrepreneurs, local government innovators and third sector trailblazers – recognised for their commitment to developing an economy that enables people, organisations and communities to flourish.

Geoff Peppiatt is one of The 2018 Faces. Geoff is the founder of Innovate and Chairman of the Impact Food Group which serves healthy food to more than 150,000 primary and secondary school students across the UK.

“Business can be a powerful vehicle for social change as well as economic success,” says Geoff Peppiatt. Impact Food Group’s mission is ‘to change the eating habits of a generation’. “We urgently need to tackle the persistent, and worsening, problem of child and adolescent obesity. But beyond that we need to improve the nutrition of all the students in our schools. That’s not only about serving really good, healthy food but also about getting students to choose healthier options.”

Behind the scenes of the kitchens and the cafes, Geoff and his more than 1,000 staff have worked hard to construct supply chains that are good for the environment – using fresh produce from locally sourced food producers whenever they can.

For Geoff, it is vital that his team shares his ideals, to combine business success with positive social change: “Our core purpose has always been to ensure that young people can enjoy high-quality, nutritious food in their schools and colleges. But beyond that, we believe we should do whatever we can to create a better world.”


Sacha Romanovitch, CEO at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said:

“At Grant Thornton, we know that doing well by doing good makes business sense and believe that leaders embracing this ethos deserve to be championed. That’s why we launched the Faces campaign – to celebrate individuals who exemplify the Vibrant Economy movement, which aims to shape an environment where people, organisations and communities thrive.

From jet aircraft manufacturers, farmers, local government leaders dance school principals; our Faces share the same commitment to make a positive impact. For many of these leaders, clear purpose is the North Star, helping them to navigate and make the right decisions in the longer term. Being purpose-led in this way involves a fundamental mind-set shift from ‘what I can do’, towards ‘what we collectively can do’.

By celebrating these remarkable leaders, we recognise their role in developing a more purposeful and innovative business environment. They show us how business can be done through ‘human’ leadership which nurtures talent.  They provide examples to inspire other business leaders and the next generation to shape a Vibrant Economy. They demonstrate that profits with purpose lead to sustainable business, and show us that it’s not only possible, but also necessary, to do well by doing good.”


The 2018 Faces have become part of a wider community that is now 300-strong. The community connects leaders with similar mind-sets and missions, who may otherwise never meet. It gives an opportunity to share ideas and insights, as well as learn from each other.

Sacha continues:

“We firmly believe that collaboration can also enthuse and assist the next generation. It’s why we are creating links between the Faces community and our Schools Enterprise Programme, to develop financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills in support of the Key Stage 3 curriculum.  We also recently piloted an event for year 12 students, working with Faces and people from our own business to challenge the way young people see their role in the community and provide inspiration about how they can start building a career that truly contributes to a shaping an economy where everyone benefits.”


Five aspiring student photographers worked alongside a professional photographer and mentor from JSR Agency to undertake portrait photography of the leaders of these organisations. These talented artists were selected as part of a nationwide competition to complete the commission. These photos, along with profiles of the 2018 Faces of a Vibrant Economy, are available on the campaign website.