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Going Japanese at Westgate

Going Japanese at Westgate

As another year of culinary enthusiasts embark on their GCSE food technology courses at Westgate School, Academy Mentor Zoe Rugg was called upon for her very specific set of ‘skills’ in all things Sushi!

“It was decided this year that Sushi would be a great way of combining healthy eating and vegetarian ingredients, along with skill and creativity”, said Zoe “…also included in these classes are safe knife skills, food hygiene, and allergen awareness, so the practical part needed to be fun!”

Setting out to make ‘California rolls’ from scratch, with fresh ingredients with just under an hour from class briefing to cleaning down, it was all hands on deck. “With 3 pans on the go, I’m still astounded at the pupil’s dedication and energy to get the task done, and to such a high level,” commented Zoe. “And the excitement gained from the results was equally pleasing to see, as well as being inspiring for me personally”.

I think we can agree that the results wouldn’t look too out of place in any street food market or shop, proving that with a little guidance and training anything can be achieved, whilst having a lot of fun along the way…