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Healthy Eating Workshop at Sutton Primary

Healthy Eating Workshop at Sutton Primary

Mike Wyatt, Academy Mentor and area Manager recently hosted a fun, healthy eating workshop for the students at Sutton Primary.

With students split into year groups of 20 at a time, from reception all the way through to Key stages 1 – 4, you can imagine that Mike had his hands full to keep order! But a fun presentation on healthy eating and ingredients and what Innovate does towards encouraging and promoting them was followed by a fun quiz and then it was on to the creative bit…

The students had to prepare and serve a range of products from wraps to pizza, salad boxes to Vegan burgers, all from a selection of ingredients chosen by Mike. “It was interesting to see the combinations that they came up with” commented Mike “and equally surprising to see such a level of care and enthusiasm towards the task and the ingredients, along with a real grasp of flavour and presentation”.

One thing is for certain, healthier cooking and eating can be fun for all ages and on this evidence we may have even found the next group of Innovate Academy stars of the future…