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Icknield School – Food Week Workshop

Icknield School – Food Week Workshop

Zoe Rugg, our Catering Manager at The Westgate School, was contacted by Icknield School (ages 3-19) in relation to a food-themed week so, Zoe and Karl Hudson, our Food Development Director volunteered their services to this wonderful school and spent the day with their students. 

Following a meeting with Sean Cannon, the Head Teacher, Zoe and Karl decided to go with ‘sushi’ for the older students, Rocky road – a chocolatey treat – for the very young ones, to crumble ingredients and stir, and a touching and smelling session with the Sensory Education children, incorporating a variety of different foods and textures. The themes for the day were determined by the needs and abilities of the students.

The team consisted of Zoe Rugg , Karl Hudson and a year 10 student, Harry representing Westgate School (an aspiring young chef with real talent).

They took all 6 classes in half-hour sessions in the main school and spent the lunch period boxing up the sushi for the pupils to take home. In the afternoon the team then went over to the Further Education site and hosted 3 more sessions with the older students.

It was a fab day and very well received.


Head Teacher Sean had the following feedback:

Dear Zoe, I wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for today. I received some feedback from Jazz. She said, “it was one of the best extra-curricular things they had ever done, and you were so good with the children – helping only when needed to increase independence, they all got something out of it whatever their ability”.

Once again – thank you. The end product looked fantastic. As a team you worked so hard, and it was really appreciated.

Sean Cannon