Innovate Loves Vegetarian Week 2017: The Overall Winner.

Innovate Loves Vegetarian Week 2017: The Overall Winner.

We are absolutely delighted to announce Ian Tunbridge, from Rainham Girls Grammar, as the winner of this year’s National Vegetarian Week Promotion.

The standard was extremely high and the judges from Vegetarian Express commented that they were “highly impressed with the thought process and creativity in our schools!”


Ian’s dishes for the five days included:



MAIN: Estefado de Habas – translated ‘Mixed Bean Stew’.

DESSERT: Pastel de Tres Leches – translated ‘Three Milk Cake’.



MAIN: Triple Garden Cheeseburger, Home made Brioche roll,  Three Times Cooked Chips, Homemade Relish & Sauces.

DESSERT: Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake with Viennese Biscuits.



MAIN: Jerk Tofu served with Rice & Peas, Caribbean Salad & Citrus Yoghurt.

DESSERT: Jackfruit St. Clements Mousse, Wow No Peanut Cookie, Coconut Digestive Bar & Blackberry Puree.



MAIN: Thai Green Curry Crispy Noodles served with Tempura Vegetables & Wasabi Peas Soy & H/Made Chilli Sauce (hot).

DESSERT: Thai Sticky Coconut Rice on a Wow No Peanut Crumble Base, Caramalised Pineapple & Mango Cream Blueberry Puree.



MAIN: Wild Asian Mushroom Carbonara with Mascarpone Cheese Basil & Garlic Bread.

DESSERT: Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate Rocky-Road, Dark Chocolate Rocky-Road Millionaires Shortcake.


This very popular promotion will run again in the autumn, and we look forward to even more exciting entries and participation.

Ian wins a Michelin Star experience at a restaurant of his choice. We’ll publish the pictures of his special evening shortly.


A sampling of Ian’s winning dishes and desserts