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Modern Slavery Statement

As part of the catering sector providing for Schools and Colleges across the UK, Innovate Services Ltd are committed to ensure ethical work practises within our own business and our suppliers.

The Company is determined to help affect change, preventing slavery and human trafficking in its activities, and ensuring that our supply chains also share in our commitment.

Company Structure & Supply Chains

Within our statement is a confirmation of Innovate Services activities:

  • One of the UK’s leading catering providers for Schools and Colleges offering inventive, fresh and nutritious food feeding young minds across the UK. We provide great service through great people, currently operating in the UK alone.
  • We ask that all our approved partners/suppliers confirm that their business are committed to trading ethically and reviewing this regularly.
  • All employment is freely chosen by the individual, compulsory and coerced labour is not tolerated within our business. All employees are free to leave their employment providing they complete the required notice periods as detailed in our contracts of employment.

Policies that assist us

The company regularly reviews policies and procedures to ensure that we are operating and complying with the latest legislations. Policies that assist us with the identification of modern slavery risks and prevention of slavery and/or human trafficking operations are:

  • HR polices and standards setting out the commitment and compliance to uphold legislation and fundamental rights within the workplace. We have grievance and whistleblowing policies that give staff the tools to raise any concerns that they may have.
  • Promoting equal opportunities for all staff regardless of race, sex, age, religion or belief, gender reassignment, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity status. Staff will not be treated less favourably or disadvantaged in any way, should any reports of this arise it will be investigated thoroughly and dealt with fairly.
  • Our staff handbook provides clear expectations to employees regarding the required conduct in the workplace and how they are a representative of the Company. Due to the employees working within a school environment, we ensure that all employees are also adhering to our Client’s expectations.
  • Our values are underpinned in our training and development and communication practises.
  • The company complies with National Living/National Minimum wage requirements, paying above the current minimum for 16-17 year olds. We also pay above the current minimum for Apprentices in year 1 of employment. This is reviewed regularly.
  • All employee’s contracts are subject to DBS clearance and providing Right to Work documentation. Employees are not able to work for Innovate unless they are able to provide the proof to work in the UK.
  • The Company sources only specified, reputable employment agencies for additional labour needs ensuring that the correct procedures have been taken.
  • We have a dedicated Food and Procurement Director who regularly reviews product, supply chain and their standards. We endeavour to source and purchase products and ingredients where possible from the UK and locally. Where we purchase imported ingredients from our foodservice suppliers we ensure that in turn, their purchasing practices and methods in relation to the producer or importer are both ethical and respectful, and all products procured by them are from sources that comply with fair and humane standards.


Innovate Services Ltd ensure that all staff have an awareness of our commitment to our Modern Slavery Statement and will communicate accordingly.


Managing Director – Ken Navin