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Shape your Service

The opinion of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, after all, how can we serve the things you like if we don’t know what they are.


We have developed a central survey called Shape Your Service that covers all aspects of the catering service, from types of food and food quality, to payment, environment and service. This gives us a great overview of how our customers think we are doing and makes it easy for us to make the changes that are most important to all our sites.


If you would like your school to take part in the Shape Your Service survey at any time, speak to your business manager.


Click here to take part

If you would like to raise a particular point with us or you have a really great idea that you think we should know about then you can always get hold of us on Facebook or by e-mailing


If you want to discuss marketing and communications, please talk to Ken Navin directly at