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The Power of Impact and the Impact of Empowerment.

As a fast growing school catering business, servicing 90,000 children at 120 primary and secondary schools in England, we are in the privileged position of playing an important role in the wellness of young people in school and beyond. In this spirit, Innovate is proudly committed to the goal of becoming an ‘Impact Organisation’, working within the schools and wider community to encourage healthy lifestyles, positive employment practices and sustainability.

At Innovate, our core purpose is to ensure that young people can enjoy good, healthy nutritious food in their schools and colleges every day. But beyond that we believe we can – and should – do whatever we can to create a better world.

Innovate’s Social Impact Initiative focuses on four key areas:

EATING: We empower, educate and encourage students to eat more healthily, thereby improving child and adolescent nutrition, resulting in better behavior and goal attainment, while helping to combat childhood obesity and in so doing, fostering better long-term eating habits.

ENVIRONMENT: We operate a sustainable and responsible business model, minimising packaging (especially plastics), food waste and energy consumption whilst maximising recycling and composting.

ENGAGEMENT: We engage wholeheartedly with students, consulting openly and empowering them to actively participate and lead some of these initiatives.

EMPLOYMENT: We help people who might otherwise find it difficult to enter the workforce, creating attractive employment opportunities for them and facilitating ongoing personal development.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

To find out how we are putting our philosophy into practice,
and are making ‘Social Impact’ a reality, click the link below and watch the video.