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Farm Fresh

When it comes to fresh and nourishing, we’re on top of the food chain. We find fabulous farmers to befriend, and we get up way before dawn to fetch and deliver the finest quality local wholefood ingredients to delight your taste buds and feed your body and mind.

We go the extra miles to make sure all food groups are represented.
Our chefs then go into a creative frenzy to prepare meals and snacks that are simply delicious: think real food that loves you back. We know it does because we asked.


We care about where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how it reached your cup or plate. It isn’t just a matter of saving the world before it’s too late (which we think is a smart decision), but also, doing today what’s right for tomorrow and what’s good for everyone.

We are proud that we source 100% Red Tractor meat, that all our tea is Rainforest Alliance verified and all our coffee is approved by the Fairtrade Foundation. We also use local and organic ingredients wherever possible and practical.

That’s why – when it comes to local food for local schools – Innovate rules!