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Innovate in a bite


Innovate has long been considered the most inventive caterer in schools and that’s because we’re very clear about our food (and our adjectives): delicious, everyday fresh, nutritious and creative.


Add a dash of ‘inspiring’ for our top-class, honest-to-goodness real food recipe, in a nutshell. There’s nothing old school about us. We mind our ‘P’s with pay points and fast payment systems and our ‘Q’s with multiple counters and dispensing facilities.



Innovate is only ten years old but we’ve got a lifetime of learning behind us. By name, we’re a catering company; by nature, we’re nuts about the environment, and providing food that doesn’t cost the earth.


In over 100 primary schools, secondary schools and sixth forms we plan exciting menus packed with health, variety, goodness and attitude. We also make our food look great and taste as good as it should – if it doesn’t make you drool, you won’t find it at our schools.



Half the fun of memorable meals is where they are eaten. We create great food-friendly spaces and places, where kids feel at home and enjoy spending time. So, if your canteen is boring, stop the snoring and talk to us about our innovative canteen revamps.


We’re always hungry for growth. After all, we believe that we can do it better.  See what a load of happy customers have to say about us.


For fresh and nourishing (Grade A) quality, we’re on top of the sustainable food chain. We find fabulous farmers to befriend, and we get up way before dawn to fetch and deliver the finest quality local wholefood ingredients to delight students’ taste buds and feed their minds. All our recipes use nutritional analysis to optimise nourishment.



Some people believe that you should never trust a thin chef, but we believe you are what you eat. So we’ve got lots of fruits and nuts along with chefs who love and appreciate great food.



We work together with schools, teachers, parents and students, tackling issues of healthy eating, organising food focus weeks and teaching students about balanced diets. We keep our own report cards and consult with schools and (most importantly) students about preferred tastes and dishes.


The Innovate Academy develops the culinary expertisethat would rival High Street favourites.



Because we cater for over 100 schools, we’ve got a pretty slick team. Behind the smiles you’ll discover a bunch of seriously committed professionals who have students’ interests at heart.

Download 'Innovate in a Bite' here